Your Operation

Fees and Charges 

All outstanding fees and gap payments related to Dr Morrissey and your operation must be paid 7 days prior to surgery. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the procedure.  Please contact Dr Morrissey’s rooms should you have concerns. 

Individual hospitals and Anaesthetists will have independent billing arrangements. Please discuss with them prior to the day of the operation to avoid unexpected cancellations. 

Most fees and charges are calculated via the use of Item Numbers. These are numbers used to liaise with Medicare about the type of procedure and form the basis of medical billing. Dr Morrissey can provide you with the item numbers related to your surgery, which will allow you to check your cover with your health fund and obtain quotes from the hospital and anaesthetist. 

It is critical that you check with your Health Fund to ensure you are covered for the planned procedure. Failure to do so will lead to the full cost of the hospital treatment becoming your responsibility. 

What to bring to hospital 


The practice staff will provide instructions regarding fasting at the time of your booking. If you have any concerns or are unsure please call the rooms the day prior to confirm fasting arrangements

Failure to fast correctly can delay surgery or lead to its cancellation

Medications and Bleeding

Please discuss any medications that increase the risk of bleeding with Dr Morrissey. These include natural products such as Garlic, Fish Oil and St John's Wort. These may need to be ceased up to 2 weeks prior to surgery and failure to do so can result in cancellation of surgery or increased risk of surgical complications.

Recovery after Surgery 

Immediately following surgery you will awaken slowly in the recovery area. As you slowly improve you may be moved to a chair in day surgery or taken to the ward if an overnight stay is planned.

Typically you will be given sips of water a couple of hours after surgery and if you tolerate water the nursing staff will gradually introduce more complex liquids and foods until you are back to a normal diet. This will take a few hours. 

Nursing staff will check your vital observations at regular intervals and will look for specific findings as directed by Dr Morrissey. They will also assist with pain relief and other comfort issues. 

Dr Morrissey can call your next of kin following surgery to inform them of the outcome if you wish. He will also see you at some point on the same day as the surgery to ensure your recovery is progressing as planned. In rare instances you may be ready to discharge (eg. day surgical cases) before Dr Morrissey has been able to see you in which case you are free to discharge and will receive a call in the following days to check on your well-being. 

If you stay overnight, Dr Morrissey will visit the next morning to ensure you have recovered well and to facilitate your discharge. 

All patients will be called in the days following discharge from hospital to check on their progress, unless you advise us otherwise.

Useful Contacts 

Downs Anaesthetics Practice provides our Anaesthetic services. They can be reached on (07) 4638 5711 should you have questions or to obtain a costing for your surgery. 

Dr Morrissey operates at the following sites. Our practice staff will advise you where your operation is planned prior to the surgery.