Jaw pain

The “Temporomandibular Joint” (TMJ) is located on the side of the face, just in front of the ear. It forms the joint between the jaw and the base of the skull and is exposed to significant forces through chewing in particular. It moves each time you swallow, speak or eat. Consequently, the TMJ has a significant potential to cause problems such as pain, headache and earache. 

Problems with the TMJ may be seen in people who habitually clench or grind their teeth. This increases the wear and tear on the joint and may lead to problems. Dental problems may change the way a person chews and alter the forces through the joint

What symptoms can the TMJ cause? 

The TMJ can be responsible for the following:

How can TMJ problems be managed?

In order to treat TMJ problems, a combination of treatments may be needed. Your Doctor or Dentist can best guide these treatments which may involve: