Nasal cautery

Return to Normal Activities 

Most children recover quickly from nasal cautery. However, it is advisable to keep your child away from day-care, kindergarten and school for 1-2 days following surgery. 

General activities can be resumed when your child feels up to it. 

Pain relief 

Children may experience some minor nose discomfort following surgery.  Paracetamol (Panadol) or Ibuprofen (Nurofen) is usually all that is required. Please follow dosage instructions as advised by the manufacturer. 

Should pain relief requirements exceed this, please contact Dr Morrissey. 

Nose Care 

Following the operation, there will often be some swelling of the nose and it will be blocked. This may take 1-2 weeks to settle down.

We advise the application of a nasal antibiotic ointment following surgery for 5 days and the twice-daily use of a nasal saltwater spray to clean the nose. 


There are no restrictions on diet. 


It is common to have a mild fever for the first 24hrs after the operation.  Please call Dr Morrissey’s rooms if there is a persistent fever greater than 38.5°C.

Bleeding / Discharge

On rare occasions there may be a small amount of bleeding from the nose. Usually this will settle with simple pressure over a few minutes. Should bleeding be excessive or prolonged, please seek medical review via Dr Morrissey or your nearest Hospital. 

Follow Up Appointment 

Please make an appointment around 4 weeks after surgery. 

How to contact Dr Morrissey 

For non-emergency issues please call (07) 4632 3179 for further instructions.  

Dr Morrissey shares ‘on-call’ arrangements with other ENT surgeons and one is usually available to answer questions.

Should your concerns not be addressed via a phone call please present to your nearest Emergency Department. 

In the event of an Emergency call 000 or attend the nearest Emergency Department.