Return to normal activities 

Most people can return to normal activities the day following surgery. 

Voice Rest 

Following surgery to the voice box, it is important to rest the voice. The means you can talk in a normal voice, but try to limit the amount of talking you do. 

Strictly avoid yelling and whispering until you have had a post-operative consultation with Dr Morrissey.

Pain relief 

Pain is usually quite mild following surgery to the voice box. You should take simple analgesia such as Panadol or Nurofen as needed. 

Should pain relief requirements exceed this, please contact us.


In some particular instances, you may be prescribed antibiotics following surgery. Please take as instructed if advised. 

Reflux Treatment 

Even if you do not suffer reflux usually, Dr Morrissey will prescribe some anti-reflux medications following surgery to aid healing of the voice box. You should take these medications as instructed until the healing process is complete, which Dr Morrissey will advise you on at the post-operative consultation.


There are no restrictions on diet. 


It is common to have a mild fever for the first 24hrs after the operation.  Please call Dr Morrissey’s rooms if there is a persistent fever greater than 38.5°C.


If there is any sign of bleeding from the nose or mouth, then please present to the nearest Emergency Department for assessment.

Breathing Difficulty 

It is unusual to have any trouble breathing after the operation. Should you experience difficult or noisy breathing, please contact Dr Morrissey or his ‘on-call’ service. If unable to reach either of the above, then attend the nearest Emergency Department.

Follow Up Appointment

A follow up appointment is usually booked 1-2 weeks after surgery.

How to contact Dr Morrissey 

For non-emergency issues please call (07) 4632 3179 for further instructions.  

Dr Morrissey shares ‘on-call’ arrangements with other ENT surgeons and one is usually available to answer questions.

Should your concerns not be addressed via a phone call please present to your nearest Emergency Department. 

In the event of an Emergency call 000 or attend the nearest Emergency Department.