Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


During the first 2 weeks after surgery you may feel quite tired and ‘run down’. Your nose will feel very congested as if you have a cold or flu. To maximise recovery:


Try to keep your head up as much as possible to reduce bleeding. Keep your head elevated when resting, and sleep with 2 pillows if possible. Avoid stooping over.


It is normal to have nasal ooze for the first 24 hours, which will reduce by around half each day. Minor bleeding is expected for 3-4 days.

If you are concerned about the amount of bleeding, then please call the rooms. 

Major bleeding is rare but can occur and is typically quite profuse. If this happens present to the nearest emergency department or call an Ambulance.


There are no dietary restrictions and you may eat as soon as food is tolerated. A cool diet in the first few days helps minimise bleeding.


It is common to have a mild fever for the first 24-48 hours after the operation. Please call Dr Morrissey's rooms or see your GP if there is a persistent fever greater than 38.5 degrees.


The maximum discomfort will occur the first couple of days to week after surgery. You may experience some headaches. Patients often describe their discomfort as similar to a head cold. Take the pain medication as prescribed.


Minor bruising and swelling may occur around the eyes and face, which may be more obvious in the mornings.

When to call the Doctor


Follow Up appointment

At the time you book surgery a post-operative appointment will usually be organised. Please contact Dr Morrissey’s office if you are unsure as to the appointment details. 

Any Nasal splints and dressings if used in your surgery will be removed at this visit. The nose will also be inspected with a camera and any clots or crusts will be removed to expedite healing. 

How to contact Dr Morrissey 

For non-emergency issues please call 07 4646 4275 for further instructions.

Dr Morrissey shares ‘on-call’ arrangements with other ENT surgeons and one is usually available to answer questions.

Should your concerns not be addressed via a phone call please present to your nearest Emergency Department.After hours the "On Call" ENT surgeon can be contacted via the Toowoomba Base Hospital on (07) 4616 6000.

In the event of an Emergency call 000 or attend the nearest Emergency Department.