Runny Nose

A runny nose can be a real hassle. Mucous can run out the front or down the back of the nose at the most inconvenient of times and may be socially embarrassing. It can promote regular throat clearing and also contribute to a cough. This frustrating problem may be present constantly or may be a seasonal or intermittent issue.

What is the cause? 

A runny nose may be the result of an allergy, infection or exposure to an irritant. In most cases the cause is not a serious one but it can be quite a challenge to identify the problem.

How can we work out what the problem is? 

A detailed medical history and examination can help to identify the problem. Often this process will be aided by the use of allergy testing and scans. In some cases other Medical Specialists such as Immunologists and Respiratory Physicians may be needed to help get the problem under control.

What are the solutions? 

The solution in this instance depends largely on correctly identifying the cause. General health advice, specific medications and, in some instances, surgery may be needed to aid the problem. Dr Morrissey can assist you in gaining control of a runny nose should you be troubled by this problem.